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Cosmetology CE

Cosmetology Continuing Education

Our Courses help everyone from the beginning cosmetologist to the advanced with tips, tactics, and techniques. This helps build clientele, increase retail business, goal setting, employment, and everyday success tips. The courses can be purchased separately or as a package.

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Wisconsin Cosmetology CE


The Department of Regulation and Licensing (DRL) and the Barbering and Cosmetology Examining Board (BAC Board) wish to share some important developments regarding the Continuing Education (CE) requirement for your profession. Please share this information with your fellow licensees.

March 2011 renewal: If you have not yet renewed your license this year, you will need to complete the previously mandated six hours of CE before you can renew and legally practice. We anticipate a “test-out” option will be available starting on May 16th as an alternative to taking the six hours of CE for the 2011 renewal. Information on how to access and take the CE “test out” will be available on our website at www.drl.wi.gov in early May. Until the “test-out” option is available, licensees will need to complete their CE by taking approved courses. A listing of those courses is available on our website at www.drl.wi.gov.


With our bundled courses, you’ll be on your way to achieving your career goals with a proven learning experience that was built to meet your training and certification needs. Take the guesswork out of creating a curriculum by selecting a coursework bundle that was created specifically to meet your needs and interests.

Individual Courses

You may also customize your learning experience by selecting courses individually. With a huge library of industry-focused courses to choose from, you’ll have no problem creating the training program that suits your needs. Check with your state to make sure you’re meeting the requirements you need as you select courses that match your needs and interests.

The BAC Board has adopted a revised rule on CE which makes the following changes:

  • March 2013 renewal: There will be no CE requirement. You will not have to take any classes during the next two years (April 2011-March 2013)
  • March 2015 renewal: The CE requirement for future license renewals (beginning in March 2015) will be re-evaluated by DRL and the BAC Board with input from appropriate stakeholders. Further proposed changes in the CE requirement will be communicated to licensees.

We encourage you to visit our website at www.drl.wi.gov frequently for further information on CE for your profession. You may also send us your questions by e-mail to DRLContEducation@wisconsin.gov or by telephone to (608) 261-1458.

State Requirements

Licenses expiring March 31, 2011:

If this is your first Wisconsin license, you are not required to take continuing education for this next license renewal cycle. For licensees who must receive continuing education to renew their licenses, classes can be earned between now and March 31, 2011.

Licensees will be required to have 6 continuing education credit hours to renew licenses at the March 31, 2011 renewal deadline. Two hours of those shall be in law and four hours in safety, sanitation and infection control. Licensees will be required to have 12 continuing education credit hours to renew licenses at the March 31, 2013 renewal date.