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Cosmetology CE

Cosmetology Continuing Education

Our Courses help everyone from the beginning cosmetologist to the advanced with tips, tactics, and techniques. This helps build clientele, increase retail business, goal setting, employment, and everyday success tips. The courses can be purchased separately or as a package.

Courses By State

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Texas Cosmetology CE

Cosmetology License Renewals in Texas

Looking to complete your Texas Cosmetology License Renewal? Stop worrying and start enrolling! cosmetologycampus.com, a trademark of 360training.com continues to provide quality cosmetology courses in the state of Texas online. The online training provides offers a wide range of CE online courses that allow an individual to access their course anytime and anywhere they want to. Students can also ensure that the courses are of quality since the courses were designed and created with the help of cosmetology experts that knows exactly what students shall need to learn and develop in the practice of beauty care.

Important Reminder for Continuing Education

Licensed cosmetologists in the state of TX are expected to complete the requirements before the deadline date set by the state cosmetology regulatory board. Individuals who are currently finding ways to cope with this requirement despite their busy schedule can enroll to any state-approved online CE courses. They are also reminded to check the current course requirements and credentials they need to complete the continuing education requirement – ensuring them to enroll only with the right courses at the right cosmetology school.

Why take your CE with cosmetologycampus.com

Taking the CE with cosmetologycampus.com is very convenient as well as efficient. It saves the student a lot of time and effort going to school and attending classes to complete the required credit hours. The courses we offer also include all the necessary skills and knowledge development that an individual may need to further his or her career in the field of beauty care and cosmetics.

All courses are approved by the TDLR (Provider #1144, 360training) View here»


Individual Courses

State Requirements

Continuing education courses taken must be dedicated in one or more of the following subjects:

  • Texas Occupations Code, Chapters 1602 and 1603
  • 16 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 83
  • Health and Sanitation Standards in Chapter 83; and/or
  • Curriculum subjects listed in 16 Texas Administrative Code, §83.120

Hours required on or after September 1, 2012

To renew an operator license, manicurist specialty license, facialist specialty license, hair weaving specialty certificate, hair braiding specialty certificate, wig specialty certificate, or shampoo/conditioning specialty certificate that expires on or after September 1, 2012, a licensee must complete a total of 4 hours of department-approved continuing education.

To renew an instructor license, manicure instructor specialty license, or facial instructor specialty license that expires on or after September 1, 2012, a licensee must complete a total of 4 hours of department-approved continuing education.