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Cosmetology CE

Cosmetology Continuing Education

Our Courses help everyone from the beginning cosmetologist to the advanced with tips, tactics, and techniques. This helps build clientele, increase retail business, goal setting, employment, and everyday success tips. The courses can be purchased separately or as a package.

Courses By State

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Nebraska Cosmetology CE

Getting Your Cosmetology CE in Nebraska

The state of Nebraska is reminding every cosmetology license holders to complete their Nebraska cosmetology Continguing Education before their license expires. Fulfilling the state requirements on the mandatory CE will ensure an active license for cosmetologists, allowing them to continue their profession in the state. Renewing a license does not only mean submitting credentials to the regulatory board – it also encompasses all the ethical and legal responsibilities of a cosmetologist in lieu with the changes happening in the industry.

CE Reminders

License holders are always reminded to complete their credits before the deadline for license renewals to ensure a smooth license renewal process of the individual. Every individual, before enrolling or taking any course credit – are also reminded to check the current credit courses they need to complete their continuing education and license renewal. The mandatory education requirement also aids students in coping with the recent developments that they need to be aware of and learn how to adapt and use these developments for their own good.

Continuing Education with cosmetologycampus.com

CE credit completion with cosmetologycampus.com is easy. Enrolling in our online and PDF format courses allow students to access their course anytime and anywhere they need. Our extensive course selections also allow students to take elective courses that will help them with other aspects of their profession. Our courses are very affordable and fall under every student’s budget cap. Through our state approved courses, we keenly provide learning and training service for cosmetologist in the state of Nebraska to complete their career needs towards their goals, bringing satisfaction and efficiency together at every course.

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Individual Courses

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a course without a username or password?

In order to take a course, you need to have a username and password. When you register for courses, you will create a username and password for yourself. If you’d like to take a course, go to www.cosmetologycampus.com and select the type of courses that you are interested in taking from the “Online Courses” menu.

Click on the “pricing” button in the middle of the page.

On the next page, check the box next to the course(s) you would like to take and click on the “+ Add to Cart” button.

When you have selected all of the courses you are interested in purchasing, click on “Checkout and Proceed” button.

Fill in your registration information and your billing information.

Note: your email address will be used as your username.

Once you have registered, you will receive an email explaining how to log on and start your courses.

I forgot my User Name and Password. What do I do?

If you have forgotten your password, go to www.cosmetologycampus.com and click on the “forgot password” link below the student login. Then enter your email address. You should receive an email to your email address stating your password. If you have forgotten your username and password, please contact customer support at 866-861-1985.

Must I complete my course in one sitting?

No! You do not have to complete a session in one sitting. At the end of a section, you can log out and when you log back in, all of your information will be saved.

Can I register and pay for an employee?

A registration will remain in the name of the person who has registered for the course. If you are interested in registering an employee or group of employees, please contact us at 866-861-1985 .

How do I register multiple students at one time?

To register multiple students, please call our sales team at 866-861-1985.

Is there a time restriction on completing the course?

Courses do not have a time restriction.

Who do I call to set up a corporate account?

To set up a corporate account, please call Michelle Westling 877-881-2235 ext. 172.

How can I pay for the course?

You can pay for the course by check card or credit card. If you are a corporate client that is signing up multiple students, you can set up a corporate billing account and be invoiced for your purchase at the end of each month.

Are there bulk discount prices?

Yes, there are! To learn more about our bulk pricing discounts, please call 866-861-1985.

Who can I call with questions?

Our main number is 1-888-318-3497 Ext. 6.

How do I go back and reprint my certificate of course completion?

Go to www.cosmetologycampus.com and log in using your username and password. Click on the certificate icon next to the course title you would like to reprint.

Who can I contact regarding Cosmetology questions?

Call our 24 hour support line at 866-861-1985.

I lost my certificate, how do I get another one?

You may log back in and print an additional certificate, if you are having difficulty you can call 866-861-1985.

What materials come with the cosmetology courses?

No materials come with any of the courses; all of the material is online.

How do I know where I am in the course?

When you are logged in to the course, click on the “My Training” button in the bottom lefthand section of the courseplayer. Click on “Outline” to see where you are in the course and to skip around to different sections.

How do my credits get reported to the state?

If you live in Texas, Florida, or North Carolina, your credits will be reported by us. If you live in Ohio, Georgia, Iowa or Nebraska, you are responsible for reporting your credits to the state.

How do I renew my license?

License renewals vary by state, please contact your state board about the license renewal process.

How many times can I take the test?

3 attempts is standard except for a few courses.