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Tips to satisfy cosmetology clients

Candice Markham December 3, 2013 0
Tips to satisfy cosmetology clients

Customer satisfaction is one of the factors that can contribute to the failure or success of a cosmetology salon. Satisfied clients will bring you praises and of course referrals whilst unhappy customers can drive possible clients away from your business.

Getting reviews and testimonials for your business is now easier. And  that both good and bad comments for your salon can easily reach possible clients who are looking for a good service – made easier by technology such as social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), review sites, blogs and more. You probably won’t be able to get people to write good stuff about you or get people to remove bad reviews about you, but you can always ensure that you provide the best service for clients to be satisfied and only write all good stuff about you. Here are a couple of tips:

Connect with your clients

To be able to provide satisfaction to your clients, you have to be able to know what their wants and needs are. Be sure to know what your client wants and understand his/her expectation from your service – don’t be afraid to ask and answer questions to get both of you on the same level of understanding. Always be honest with your client especially if your salon or shop is not capable of delivering certain services that they may want – if this does happen, do provide referrals of where they can go to get it if they are not interested in any other service you have.

Start a conversation with your client during the service so he/she won’t get too bored especially with services that might take hours – also have good reading materials ready or have a TV in the salon to keep the client and their company (if any) occupied. You don’t have to open up secrets or ask personal questions; you can start with questions like how they care for their hair, and how they heard about your salon, what products they use, etc. Since you are the industry expert, be sure to have beauty tips ready and that you can share with your clients – always help them in their venture to look and feel good. A great relationship with a client can help you get their trust and respect.

Keep the shop clean and not boring

As mentioned earlier, be sure to have some reading materials or any kind of technology that can provide entertainment (like TV, radio, free wifi) for your clients and the people that accompanied them to the salon. Make sure that the place is properly ventilated as well (not too cold and not humid). Comfortable and entertained customers will always find your workplace as a fun place to be and will consider going back.

Cleanliness of the place is not an option but is a must. Clients wouldn’t like to be in a salon that is not clean or organized. Also, be sure that you have a working and clean rest room – this is something that a lot of clients will be looking for especially with services that might take hours. Offer drinks (coffee, tea or juice) to keep clients and their company hydrated and have clean kitchen utensils on stand-by in case they may need them when they order take outs (common for those who would need more than 8 hours to be in the salon).

Be approachable

Be that somebody clients can always talk to, ask questions about services, and someone who can be a friend. You can start this with a simple smile – pleasing personality and friendliness can always give customers that feeling that they are respected and that they are welcome to your salon. Smiling can help people feel better too and I am sure that not everyone who will come in your shop is happy; you can cheer them up even just by greeting and smiling at them.

Of course you won’t be the only one who is going to work in your shop. So make sure that everyone else you work with practice all the tips we shared above. Rest assured that you will be able to keep happy clients and get more from their referrals.

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