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Why you shouldn’t stop learning after your graduation

Candice Markham December 9, 2013 0

stairs to successLearning does not end in school for cosmetologists. Developing the skills they learned from school is one aspect and learning new trends in the beauty industry is another thing. They should have the expertise to be successful – trends and style are changing from time to time along with your client’s preferences so you have to be able to provide them with any look (whether a new trend or an old school revived style) or they might choose other salon.

To be successful in this industry, you have to constantly be updated and knowledgeable with a lot of things, so you must include your habits to:

  1. Practice – especially when you graduate from cosmetology school. It would be best if you can find a mentor who is experienced and you will definitely learn the ups and downs of the business. Keep in mind that knowledge in hair styling is just one thing; you also have to learn how to communicate better with clients, handle substances/gadgets in the shop, and more. If the salon you’re working for offers limited services, don’t stop yourself from learning other techniques in the field – there are a lot of classes you can take outside of your workplace.
  2. Take up continuing education courses – aside from being mandatory when renewing your cosmetology license, they also provide updates about the industry. You also get to choose courses that you can enroll on for specific skill sets you want to learn or want to improve on.
  3. Study the business – don’t just focus on learning about the beauty trends but also take time to study the industry. Learn how you can also grow and be successful once you start your very own business.
  4. Keep up with the trends – read magazines, blogs (follow industry leaders), fashion shows, beauty and fashion conferences so you are aware with the news. You might end up losing clients if you cannot deliver certain styles that are trendy, they’ll go to another salon because of that.
    1. Know that you are the best sample or model so make sure that you dress and style up impeccably.
  5. Set goals and reach it – by setting goals, you can measure yourself on your performance and find ways on how you can improve.

You will start as a student in this industry but you will continue to learn and should not stop even if you become successful. Cosmetology as a career and a business requires constant update and knowledge on how to keep up with the trends, needs and requirement of the industry and the things that can do to make and keep a client satisfied and happy with you.

Improved connectivity is one of the things you can take advantage of to make sure that you are updated about the industry and that you can keep on learning. Continuing education programs are now available online so you can study even at your own home and no need to go to specific training centers. cosmetologycampus.com/blog is one of the blogs we suggest you follow as they provide great resources and updates about the industry.

Social media is also a tool you can utilize to follow successful professionals in the field and get their tips and advice. You can also connect with your customers with social medial (free marketing or follow up tool).

It may take a lot of courses to study, styles to master, and clients to please before you become successful but without, you will not get anywhere in this industry.


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