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Ensuring Safe Cosmetics on Your Beauty Table

Candice Markham August 19, 2013 2
Ensuring Safe Cosmetics on Your Beauty Table

Beauty products are cosmetics used in various ways to create a different look or smell to an individual. These substances are applied to pursue a certain look and feel, thus creating an image that would fall under what we call fashion and beauty purposes.

According to the law and the FDA posted in here, this is how they define beauty products as either cosmetics or a drug:

(FD&C Act) defines cosmetics by their intended use, as “articles intended to be rubbed, poured, sprinkled, or sprayed on, introduced into, or otherwise applied to the human body…for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance” [FD&C Act, sec. 201(i)]. Among the products included in this definition are skin moisturizers, perfumes, lipsticks, fingernail polishes, eye and facial makeup preparations, cleansing shampoos, permanent waves, hair colors, and deodorants, as well as any substance intended for use as a component of a cosmetic product.

Aside from knowing how a beauty product is defined by the FDA, it is also important to know how to safely use these items both for personal and salon use. Below are some beauty products safety guidelines on how to safely choose your cosmetic products:

1.    Don’t easily trust a brand, especially unknown brands. If you are not familiar with a certain brand – do not use it. Unless you want to know how it works and its effects – take time to read reviews first about the products. Ask people who have used it. But remember that although it worked on some people, it does not mean it will work for you, too. Try to ask for a professional advice about the product before applying it on your skin.
2.    Know the ingredients used in the cosmetic products. Knowing what ingredients are used on the cosmetic product may help you determine whether it contain chemicals that may harm your skin – or might contain substances that may trigger you an allergic reaction.
3.    Read the complete label. Reading the complete label is one of the best ways to ensure safety of the beauty product. The label should follow the labeling guidelines mandated by the FDA for all cosmetic products or drugs. The label would also contain information about the manufacturer of the product, instructions on how to properly use it as well as the expiration date of the product.
4.    Always go for trusted brands. Some trusted brands may be expensive, but they are far safer than unknown and cheap brands. Although it does not mean that these expensive brands are always safe – being known and used from sometime and being FDA approved item would ensure that these products have complied with all the necessary safety and labeling procedures implemented by the authority.
5.    Know your skin condition. Knowing your skin condition would help you determine if using such product would either bring your allergic reactions or skin problems. The best way to do this is to seek professional advice and consultation from a professional cosmetologist. Not all cosmetic products are effective on all individuals. Some individuals may be allergic to some ingredients that the beauty product contains while some aren’t really effective at all.

Optimum beauty results can only obtained when we first put our safety before vanity. Keeping in mind these simple guidelines would ensure your beauty care to be successful rather than a beauty disaster.


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