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Candice Markham December 6, 2013 0

cosmetology tipsStudents should always do the best in school as this is where they can prepare for their future. This is the same for cosmetology students – the industry will also require you to have knowledge about the “science” behind the field and the technology that you have to work with, if you don’t get the skills and knowledge from studying, you won’t be successful. The following are great tips you can follow to succeed in a cosmetology school:


Manage your schedule

This tip is very important especially to parents or single parents (as cosmetology is very popular with them). Having and managing the right schedule can help you make sure that you are able to attend to the needs of your family and still have enough time to practice and learn the skills for this industry. Taking online cosmetology courses has also helped a lot of students manage their schedules well as most of them are self paced and are flexible – you can study at whatever time of the day.

Exercise even on your own

Practice makes perfect for this field but of course, you might not find a lot of people who will allow you to do experiments on them and if you can’t, you can always opt for a mannequin head.

Get support from your family and friends

Let people around you know that you are studying to be a professional cosmetologist. Ask them for advice and/or tips that they get from their stylist and if they are willing you can also practice with them.

Always ask questions

Your school is going to be your number 1 source of knowledge and skills so don’t be afraid to ask them anything you are unsure of or if there are trends and styles that you would like to learn and master. Instructors in cosmetology schools are experienced and licensed in this field so they are one of the best “go to guys” whenever you have doubts or questions.

Connect to cosmetology network

You can find professional cosmetologists and rookies in this field everywhere. You can connect to them via social media or any online groups and you can ask them for tips, help, and resources. Make friends and connect to people who can make studying easier and enjoyable for you.

Take advantage of resources available to you

There are a lot of available resources that can be helpful to cosmetologists that can be in the form of books, videos (Youtube), study materials, exam prep, etc.. You can easily get them especially if you are connected to a cosmetology network (most of them knows where to get the best and the free stuff). These materials and resources can be helpful in your studies and in your success.

Don’t take the State Board Exam Too Easy

You may have great grades while you are studying cosmetology and your performance maybe top notch but that doesn’t always mean that the State Board Exam for your licensing will be easy. Be sure to take the time to prepare for the exam and study hard for it. You can take advantage of exam preparation available online to help you be successful with the exam. If you do not pass the exam you won’t be given a license and you will not be able to practice all skills and knowledge you have learned.

Don’t end learning when you have acquired your license

In most states, license holders are still required to take up cosmetology continuing education credits every specific time (two years in some states). Be sure to always take those lessons up as those CE courses will update your knowledge with new and techniques no longer used in the industry. It’s a great way to learn new trends and technology too. But don’t limit yourself to just those CE programs as you can also take part of seminars, conferences, etc. that can help boost your knowledge and skill. The fashion and beauty field has trends so you should always be updated.

Patience and hard work will also be needed for your success. Follow the above tips and work hard and you will surely have a great future in this industry.

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