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Perks of being a cosmetology professional

Candice Markham November 27, 2013 0

Cosmetologists, barbers, hairstylists and hairdressers help clients with their grooming through beauty services (make up, facial, etc.) and hair styling (hair rebonding, perms, etc.). In May 2010, according to the Occupational Outlook Handbook from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for cosmetologists is $10.82 per hour or $22,500 per annum. They also noted that the industry employment is expected to increase 14% from 2010 to 2020.

A lot of professionals joined the field because of their artistic minds and passion about fashion and beauty. The following are benefits that cosmetologists enjoy:

Financial Benefits

The Bureau of Labor Statistics have stated the average salary of cosmetologists but this is different in the cosmetologist’s establishment – the location and the popularity of the shop (it will also depends if the cosmetologist owns the shop or works for the owner) and the amount of freelancing the professional does.

Cosmetologists enjoy tips coming from their clients and they can also charge clients any rate they deem right for their services when doing freelance jobs or providing home services.

Personal and Relationship Benefits

Most people that enters this industry enjoys being creative and enjoys being able to help people feel and look good. This gives them personal satisfaction especially as most of them are into fashion and beauty themselves. In this industry, when you satisfy a client, chances are they will come back and they will refer you giving cosmetologists opportunities to be connected to people and build a good professional relationship with them. A relationship between customer-cosmetologist sometimes involves discussion about personal life – friendship is also established.

Fun Benefits

Being on call is usual for cosmetologists that are known in the industry. They are sometimes invited to (or they join) trade shows, seminars and conferences to help inspire new professionals and they are also invited to perform their services for special occasions on different locations (such as beach weddings). These are great opportunities for them to show people what they can do, inspire people, learn new tricks of the trade and of course have some leisure time for them.

Keeping up with the trend

Cosmetologists have passion for fashion and beauty and the industry allows them to be always in the trend for new updates in fashion, skin care, and hair styles (etc.) as they need to be able to offer this new stuff to their clients. They also have the opportunity to set trends (especially if they are well known and or their clients are popular). Being “first” with new “technology” is also one of the opportunities in the field.

cosmetologists perks


Working in this industry allows workers to express their own creativity and their talent. Clients do request certain looks and style but it’s the stylist’s job to make sure the look is right for the client. Cosmetologists are required to have a license before performing any services – once they fulfill all licensing requirements, they basically can work for themselves and be their own boss.

Those are just some of the benefits of working in the cosmetology industry.

Resources for aspiring cosmetologists:

  • http://www.bls.gov/ooh/Personal-Care-and-Service/Barbers-hairdressers-and-cosmetologists.htm
  • http://www.cosmetologycampus.com/blog

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